my first art school videos!!

Welcome to blog post # 2!! I think this may drive you all crazy, I tend to generate a lot of things I like to show people. Right now I am wide awake at midnight, I am going through a bit of an insomniac phase right now. But this has been working for my advantage lately because I work on my photos and videos when I can't sleep. Hopefully this will pass soon. I just got my new sad lights yesterday and they help regulate my sleep pattern. I used them for the first time this morning and was immediately perked up!!! Yay! So hopefully I won't receive too many more worried emails. I think my mood will definitely improve, but there is no denying that this is a strange place to be. I think some melancholia is inevitable here. But I should be able to handle it a bit better now.

I'm sorry some of these are so pixilated. That is another formatting issue I am trying to figure out. I'll replace them when I do.

"Empty Fast" -I've been doing stop-action videos on myspace for a while, but this was my first for graduate school. This was my response to the assignment: illustrate "empty". I went the literal route for this one. -ps this has been loading weird so if it's only 13 seconds then it's wrong.

"Nothing" -This one is also stop-action. It was is response to the assignment: illustrate nonexistence. So I took pictures of myself reflected in a tide pool and spliced them all together. I chose my reflection because you can see it, but it has no physical presence.

"Twirly" was my first real video. I was spinning around and around in the wind on top of the mountain behind the school. It's probably my favorite place here, but it takes a long time to go up and longer to come down so it's not an everyday thing. I am going to go up before the end of the semester at least on more time.

I did a bunch of these up there one day when I climbed up by myself. Or I thought I was by myself. I was spinning and spinning and then glanced down and saw this guy taking pictures of me from about 100 yds away. You sort of forget that there are other people that might be up there because it's seems so remote.

I think "Flower Attack" speaks for itself, but in case you don't get it- Not all those innocent looking plants are as innocent as they seem. Some are getting fed-up with people and are starting to fight back. This video shows what happened to me when I thought that I was making a nice sweet video of wildflowers in the mountain field. Clearly I was lucky to survive.

That's all for now, I just wanted to show folks some of what I've been working on. The bulk of my work is tied into my installation/ performance so that will have to wait until it's over and documented. I'm sort of freaked out about performing. I've never done it before, and this involves sitting pretty still for 2 hours on 3 consecutive days. Blindfolded, under a human-sized birdcage. Not the best idea I've ever come up with considering I'm fairly claustrophobic and extremely fidgety. But it's too late to turn back now.


Linda said...

hey angel,

love the videos.
flower attack is my favorite.

keep up the posts! i enjoy reading them.

Bill McDonald said...

I will always look at wildflowers differently now. Had a wild plant experience myself. Two days ago, I was walking with Amos on Sentinel and the tumbleweeds were blowing at us in a strong wind. Amos looked completely perplexed as one tumbleweed after another pelted him.
Judy and I are filling in our activities for NZ. There is so much to do there! So far we have a week at a beach eco resort in Fiji and a 5 day 4 night hike on the Milford Track, considered one of the top hikes in the world and # 1 activity to do in your life as rated by the local kiwis.
Finally getting some much needed rain in Missoula. It has been unseasonally warm and there is little to no snow in the mountains. It is Friday morning and we are about to head up Sentinel again. It is a perfect place to let Amos run and it keeps us in hiking shape.
Keep the posts coming!

thersul said...

Nice vids, honey! The flowers looked whipped up in a frenzy. The video of you seemed like you were transfixed to an alien spaceship!
Keep up the blogging!