We did a quick trip to Dublin this week. For some reason I was required to go, but what that reason may have been totally eluded me. But I did enjoy myself. I just wish they would plan these trips after the grad students have received their financial aid so we aren't forced to overextend ourselves.

We always start these trips at IMMA, The Irish Museum of Modern Art. It's one of my favorite museums. It's in the 17th c. Royal Hospital Kilmainham, across the grounds from Kilmainham Gaol. Also the museum has a really nice formal garden which I like to wander through.

That's my housemate Chris asleep on a wall. I seem to keep finding him asleep in strange places.

The grad students all went out for a night at the pubs and dancing. This portion was in a huge empty chrome/ red velvet/ leather filled gay bar.

Sean and his girlfriend Erin:



Temple Bar:

The most amazing looking street musician I have ever seen. And he was really good. He played a hybrid of trad Irish and heavy metal guitar solos. And he was REALLY into it.

A muppet man on stilts:

A leprechaun and a bunch of German people:

More stilt performers:

Me about to get on the bus:

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