My home, my fairy fort, and the best walk to school ever!

Inside. It's very cosy and comfy (except a real couch would be nice). My room is downstairs and looks back to the entrance to the Fairy Fort. We have a nice fireplace -it is excellent for dancing on top of, a crappy tv with 2 channels, and a very depleted bar/ hutch. Most of the post-grads came over for a potluck on Friday, which turned out to be very fun and now I need to stay at school late late late tonight to make up for lying in bed all day yesterday watching Old School over and over.

Outside. We essentially have 5 yards: the entry area and greeny area near the entrance, the empty rectangle of grass surrounded by fuschia bushes, the picnic lawn, the kitchen garden and outdoor eating gravelio, and The Fairy Fort.

The Fairy Fort. Yes, I have a fairy fort in my backyard. It's an empty ring that surrounds a group of trees. We've been told it is a fairly fort and considering how it is kept and the fact that the house was placed behind it off the road, it makes sense. So we are treating it like a fairy fort and being careful not to disturb anything and call them The Others, not fairies when we are at home.

The walk to school. That's my dog buddy Rex, he lives up the side road and waits to walk me to school.

A little clown cow that likes to stare at me.

School is way across the field.

The beautiful white horse that lives on the corner.

Not Rex, this is Girl Rex. I don't know her real name. She waits for Rex and me and then walks with us the rest of the way to school.

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